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Danske Bank supports women who wants to be part of the tech industry - "It was difficult to get a job in Denmark”

In 2021, Danske Bank entered into a partnership with ReDI School – an organisation that helps women with refugee and migrant background into the tech industry. The bank’s development organisation has now employed the first women and has also jump-started a new round of recruitment for trainees.

Meet Diny.

After several years in Denmark outside the labor market, Danske Bank's partnership with ReDI School became her ticket to a five months' internship as a front-end developer at the bank's development organization.

"It has not been easy to get to Denmark and apply for jobs. All my job applications were returned with "you don't have enough experience" and it was difficult," says Diny Thomas.

She has just completed the internship and now feels well equipped on her way to the Danish labor market:

Benefits Danske Bank's culture and customers
Diny Thomas and the other trainees contribute with energy and new angles, and this will help make Danske Bank a better bank for its customers and a better workplace for its many thousands of employees.

Different perspectives make it easier to develop the digital customer experiences of the future, and a diverse culture ensures that everyone wants and is able to contribute with their specific competencies:

“There are many talented people such as Diny who find it challenging to get that first job and gain experience in the job market. At the same time, there is a high demand for talented people, especially in the technology field. I find the ReDi School partnership highly relevant, as we give women like Diny a helping hand in their career, and build a new talent pool within the tech industry. At the same time, the interns bring energy, expertise and new perspectives to the table, so it’s a win-win situation,” says Frans Woelders, Group COO at Danske Bank.

More about ReDI School

  • A non-profit tech-school that supports women with refugee or migrant background with tech-courses, access to internships in Danish companies and building a professional network in Denmark.
  • The collaboration between ReDI School and Danske Bank was established in the autumn of 2021.
  • Five interns were hired for a 20-week internship in the spring of 2022.
  • The recruitment of new interns for 20-week internships in the fall of 2022 has started.
  • New interns are hired via ReDI-school

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Employee well-being and diversity

At Danske Bank, we to want to grow an inclusive, sustainable and engaging workplace, where we maintain a safe and healthy work environment and promote diversity and inclusion.

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