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Danske Bank A/S appoints Philippe Vollot as Chief Administrative Officer

Danske Bank A/S has appointed Philippe Vollot as Group Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) effective today with overall responsibility for Group Compliance as well as First Line Financial Crime Prevention and Financial Crime Risk divisions. Philippe Vollot continues to be a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Since joining the bank, Philippe Vollot has been responsible for building the Group Compliance organisation by hiring the necessary expertise and developing a solid organisational structure together with a comprehensive Financial Crime plan.

"Philippe has been instrumental in bringing to maturity our Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime Compliance and Regulatory Affairs divisions. We now want to further increase both the quality of and the speed in which we combat financial crime and in light of his significant international experience Philippe is extremely qualified to ensure this progress across the bank while at the same time ensuring better and smoother customer journeys in relation to our financial crime prevention efforts," says CEO Carsten Egeriis.

To further improve the execution of our Financial Crime plan in an effective and efficient way by leveraging automation, digitalisation and eliminating overlaps to the benefit of our customers, going forward, all responsibilities for the overall implementation of our Financial Crime control environment across the bank will be gathered with one member of the Executive Leadership Team, as Philippe Vollot will have the end-to-end ownership of our fight against financial crime across both the first and second lines of defence.

"We have been undertaking a large and complex enhancement to our financial crimes controls and we have made significant progress in recent years. The execution of the continued improvements of our financial crime defences is increasingly moving into our first line, which is why we are now taking this step. My focus will be to ensure more efficient processes that both strengthens the effectiveness of our fight against financial crime as well as supports even better customer experiences," says Philippe Vollot.

Effective today, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Financial Crime Compliance Satnam Lehal is appointed Chief Compliance Officer. Satnam Lehal continues to report directly to Philippe Vollot and will have an independent reporting line into the Board of Directors as was the case for the previous Chief Compliance Officer.

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