Societal Impact & Sustainability

Societal Impact & Sustainability is about the way we conduct our core business by addressing societal, environmental and economic considerations for all stakeholders. As the largest financial services provider in Denmark and one of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic region, we recognise that Danske Bank has a special responsibility and obligation.


Our approach
Strategic themes
Sustainable business
Sustainable workplace
Our approach

Our Societal Impact Strategy 2025 sets the course for our ambition and our related policies govern and guide our approach to conducting our business in a sustainable and transparent manner.

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Strategic themes

More than ten years ago, we joined the United Nations Global Compact. As part of our continuing commitment, we support the Sustainable Development Goals and have chosen to focus on three strategic themes to maximize the impact of our efforts. The three strategic themes are Climate & environment, Innovation & entrepreneurship, and Financial confidence & security.

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Sustainable business

Integrating sustainability in the way we do business is fundamental to drive sustainable progress and positive impact in society. We integrate sustainability by focussing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors which are used to determine the sustainability impact of the companies we invest in, lend to and procure from.

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Sustainable workplace

We want to foster a sustainable workplace and culture. To do so, we focus on the physical, structural and cultural working environment that we provide for our more than 20,000 employees. 

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Societal Impact & Sustainability in a snapshot

DKK 1,723

billion in loans issued to banking customers in 2017

DKK 5.4

billion paid in tax on profit for 2017

CO2 neutral since 2009


Launched the +Impact platform to help Nordic entrepreneurs grow their societal impact 

Financial teaching tools Developed teaching tools for kids for more than 10 years

The Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

In our Corporate Responsibility report, we describe our approach, our activities and our performance in 2017. 

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Contact us

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about our work with Societal Impact and Sustainability. Send an Email to
  • Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup

    Head of Group Societal Impact & Sustainability

  • Dorte Eckhoff

    Head of Impact Programmes & Development

  • Kristina Øgaard

    Head of Sustainability Strategy & Governance

  • Klavs Hjort

    Head of Growth & Impact

Financial Confidence & Security

We want to help people and businesses become financially confident and secure and support the Sustainable Development Goal number 4.
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We want to help entrepreneurs and startups grow their societal impact and support the Sustainable Development Goal number 8.
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Climate & Environment

We want to support the societal transition towards a 0 net carbon economy and the Sustainable Development Goal number 13.
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