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Extraordinary general meeting  

At the extraordinary general meeting held on 7 December 2018, two new candidates were elected to the Board of Directors: Karsten Dybvad, CEO of the Confederation of
Danish Industry and Jan Thorsgaard Nielsen, Chief Investment Officer in A.P. Møller Holding A/S.  

At the board meeting held immediately after the extraordinary general meeting, Karsten Dybvad was elected Chairman and Carol Sergeant and Jan Thorsgaard Nielsen were elected Vice Chairmen of the Board of Directors.

Both the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ole Andersen, and Board member and Chairman of the Audit Committee, Jørn P. Jensen, stepped down from the Board of Directors.

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Google Pay launched 

Our Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish customers with an Android phone are now able to add their Mastercard to Google Pay and make contactless payments.

Mastercard is the card that the majority of our customers are using across our 4 markets and 44 % of the Danes have an Android phone.

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Investigations of Danske Bank's branch in Estonia

In September 2017, Danske Bank launched thorough investigations into its branch in Estonia on the basis of suspicions that the branch was used to launder many billion kroner in the period from 2007 to 2015. On this site, you can read facts about the investigations, watch a webcast of the press conference, download the report and get a timeline of events.

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Podcasts stimulate discussion on impact technology and investments 

On December 3, 2018 we are launching a 9 episode podcast series about impact technology and investing at Slush, one of the worlds biggest start up events. 

The initiative builds on the initiatives introduced in recent years with the launch of the portals The Hub and +impact. 
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The Big Picture: No recession yet

The global economy is losing momentum and further moderation is expected in 2019, but no recession is in sight yet – that’s one way to sum up December's macro economic “The Big Picture” report from Danske Bank.
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Trade war: Who suffer the most - the US or China? 

China has been hit the most so far. The Chinese economy was already slowing down going into 2018 due to tightening of monetary policy and a campaign to reign in debt and crack down on shadow banking. Hence, the trade war added to the downward momentum in the economy.

Allan von Mehren

Chief Analyst, Danske Bank

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Chief strategist: Equities to recoup losses in 2019

Don’t worry: Although the financial markets are behaving as if an economic recession is just around the corner, that’s not what Danske Banks Chief Strategist, Tine Choi, is expecting in her predictions in Quarterly House View Q1 2019.
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Focus on digital solutions and good customer experiences in partnership with Tryg

Innovation, digitalisation and coherent customer experiences in the Nordic region characterise the new partnership between Tryg and Danske Bank. Acting CEO, Jesper Nielsen, highlights, among other things, Tryg’s new behaviour-based car insurance policies, which reward policyholders for good driving behaviour, as an example of a good customer experience.
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Danish households are resilient despite record debt levels

Standing at 280 per cent of net disposable incomes, no other OECD has more indebted households than Denmark. However, that is only one side of the equation.   

Our private economist Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen explains.  

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Financial calendar 

This month

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Our Essence

Our Essence is the foundation on which we build our business. It consists of our vision, strategic core, customer promise and core values.
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Societal Impact

We want to play an active role and make a positive impact in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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The Danish FSA

The latest statements, decisions and supervisory reactions from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
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