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Danske Bank maps potential impacts on nature and biodiversity

Through an analysis of portfolio data, Danske Bank has created an initial understanding of the drivers and sectors in its lending and investment portfolios that potentially negatively impact nature and biodiversity. The findings lay the foundation for future engagement with customers and investee companies.
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Nordic Outlook: Modest cooling in the Nordics

It looks like a soft landing, but risks of a worse outcome are large, as we have yet to see the full effect of the monetary policy tightening and as inflation remains too high. This is one of the conclusions of the new Nordic Outlook, where key figures paint a very mixed picture of the near future.
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Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark ramp up ESG efforts in property sector

Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark are taking the first steps towards differentiating financing terms for property based on the building’s energy efficiency. At the same time, a new partnership between Realkredit Danmark, Danske Bank and several players in the property business should make ESG reporting easier for real estate companies.
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