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Danske Bank implements new, global Transgender Instruction

At Danske Bank, we aim to grow a more diverse and inclusive culture to mirror the societies we are part of and to create equal opportunities for our employees. As part of our work with inclusion, we are now implementing a new, Group-wide Transgender Instruction to provide workplace support for transgender colleagues and those in the process of gender transition.

The new instruction includes principles and guidelines for all employees at Danske Bank and a specific guide for managers. The purpose of the instruction is to provide as much support as possible for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming employees and colleagues who are in the process of transitioning.

We have a responsibility as a workplace to make everyone feel welcome, respected and supported at Danske Bank. 

Karsten Breum

Head of Group HR, Danske Bank

"I am very pleased that Danske Bank is implementing a Transgender Instruction to ensure that colleagues going through a transition are supported. We have a responsibility as a workplace to make everyone feel welcome, respected and supported at Danske Bank, and this is one of several steps on the journey to become an even more inclusive workplace,” says Karsten Breum, Head of Group HR at Danske Bank. 

The instruction specifically includes principles and guidelines for managers and colleagues covering issues such as confidentiality, communication, physical facilities and awareness training. A specific guide for managers covers what to be aware of and provides guidance on how to be supportive if an employee is going through a gender transition.

The instruction is launched today, 31 March, on International Transgender Day of Visibility – an international day that raises awareness of transgender people and their rights.

Coming out as transgender at work 
In 2011, one of our colleagues transitioned from male to female, and in 2012, she legally changed her name and gender. The next step for her was to share her transition with her colleagues:

“Even though my manager and colleagues handled my transition very well, I still believe that an instruction is helpful – both for the manager and for the person coming out as it makes the process easier and ensures guidance and support for the employee as well as the manager,” she says.

While she feels respected by her colleagues and feels free to be herself at work, she prefers to remain anonymous in this article. Unfortunately, transgender people experience bullying and harassment for example on social media, which underlines the need for an increased focus on inclusion.

The Transgender Instruction is an internal initiative that applies to all Danske Bank employees. As a next step, we are looking into how we can become even more inclusive and supportive towards our customers – including those who are going through a gender transition.

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