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Danske Bank supports Pride

Diversity, love, and solidarity is on the agenda when Copenhagen Pride takes place. Danske Bank sponsors Copenhagen Pride and on this page you can read more about how we celebrate Pride and work with diversity and inclusion. 



How we celebrate Pride

During Pride week in 2020, we have a wide range of activities to put spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion. We sponsor Copenhagen Pride, have rainbow banners on our headquarters, and we host internal events with speakers focusing on LGBTQ+ topics. In addition, our employees volunteer for the organisation behind Copenhagen Pride and can celebrate Pride by participating in events such as Drag Bingo, Dance with Pride and Run with Pride.




Rainbow networks

Our employees have established internal Rainbow networks for LGBTQ+ and allies in various countries, including Denmark, Lithuania and Northern Ireland. 'Allies' refer to anyone who wants to support the LGBTQ+ agenda, inclusion and diversity in the bank.


Examples of how we work with Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

We have established a D&I council and appointed D&I leads in all parts of the bank to ensure sufficient actions are taken to increase diversity and inclusion.

Gender diversity is a recognised multiplier for other areas of diversity. We have a target to increase the share of women in senior leadership positions to 35%.

We are working to reduce gender bias in recruitment by, e.g., providing recruitment training for managers, screening job ads for gender neutrality and ensuring a gender-neutral use of recruitment channels.

During Pride week, our employees are volunteering for the organisation behind Pride.

Rainbow families in Danske Bank have the same rights to maternity-, paternity- and parental leave as other families  Read more