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Majority indicate Danske Bank is good at creating an inclusive workplace

A new internal culture and employee survey at Danske Bank shows that a large majority of the Bank’s employees feel included and treated fairly.

The survey was conducted in the spring and resulted in a so-called inclusion score of 84 out of 100. The survey was based on employee evaluations of three general statements on a scale from ‘strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’:

  1. At Danske Bank, I am treated fairly and with respect, regardless of gender, identity, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  2. I can be myself at Danske Bank.
  3. I feel I belong at Danske Bank.

“On the inclusion questions, Danske Bank scores both very highly and very similarly across gender and age groups – a sign of an organisation that can embrace diversity,” says Morten Hartvig, Head of People Insights at Ennova, who were responsible for the survey.

It is important we do not rest on our laurels and that we constantly raise the bar with regard to our ambitions for being an inclusive workplace.

Mark Wraa-Hansen

Head of Personal Customers, Denmark and Chairperson of Danske Bank's Diversity & Inclusion Council 

We can always be better
The Bank was also pleased with the results:

“History tells us that the more aware employees become about their experience of Danske Bank as an inclusive workplace, the more the inclusion score will vary from year to year. Nevertheless, I am pleased that we now have a starting point for our work going forward,” says Betina Dam Hansen, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Danske Bank.

In other words, we are aware there is still plenty to do with respect to diversity and inclusion:

“It is good we have now established a solid base, and I am very satisfied with the result. However, it is important we do not rest on our laurels and that we constantly raise the bar with regard to our ambitions for being an inclusive workplace,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, Head of Personal Customers in Denmark and chair of Danske Bank’s Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Examples on our work with diversity & inclusion

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A dedicated council setting the focus 

Danske Bank’s ongoing initiatives to create a more inclusive workplace for all include:
  • An internal Diversity & Inclusion training programme that fosters dialogue on diversity and inclusion and puts it on the agenda across the organisation
  • Being one of the main official partners of WorldPride and EuroGames under the umbrella Copenhagen 2021
  • Collaboration with Stonewall on becoming a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ staff
  • Improving recruitment processes through, for example, the use of inclusive language in job ads

Ambitions towards 2023

Our work with diversity and inclusion is just one aspect of the Bank’s initiatives for becoming a Better Bankgoing forward to 2023.

Diversity in our workforce is a strength and a prerequisite for delivering on our ambition of offering the best customer experience. Moreover, with more than 20,000 staff, over 3 million customers and a presence in 12 countries, inclusion and diversity of background, language and perspective is already very much part of our daily lives.
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