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Extraordinary general meeting

Danske Bank's will hold an extraordinary general meeting on Friday, 7 December 2018 at 3.30pm at DGI Byen in Copenhagen. 

It is now possible to read the agenda, request for admission cards and vote either by correspondence or by proxy.

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Danske Bank signs strategic Nordic partnership agreement with Tryg Forsikring

Danske Bank and Tryg have entered into a new strategic Nordic partnership in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Under the agreement, Danske Bank, in concert with Tryg, will start offering general insurance to Danske Bank’s personal, private banking and business customers in Denmark and Norway and to personal customers in Sweden in the spring of 2019.

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Investigations of Danske Bank's branch in Estonia

In September 2017, Danske Bank launched thorough investigations into its branch in Estonia on the basis of suspicions that the branch was used to launder many billion kroner in the period from 2007 to 2015. On this site, you can read facts about the investigations, watch a webcast of the press conference, download the report and get a timeline of events.

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Fresh blood from start-ups to inject new life into customer solutions

Danske Bank has joined forces with Nykredit, Accelerace and Copenhagen FinTech to create a new and ambitious accelerator dedicated to fintechs. The initiative has already secured funding from the Danish Industry Foundation and aims to attract international talent to Denmark.

Through our participation, we aim to provide value for our customers by drawing upon the best fintech solutions.
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Analysis of the US mid-terms: Business as usual for Trump - despite Democrat victory

A divided congress makes the job of doing politics harder because the two parties have for many years been unable to cooperate on domestic policy. Instead, Trump can continue his focus on trade policy and foreign policy – areas where he is able to manoeuvre more easily without the intrusion of Congress.

Mikael Milhøj

Senior Economist

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Financial calendar 

This month

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Our Essence

Our Essence is the foundation on which we build our business. It consists of our vision, strategic core, customer promise and core values.
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Societal Impact

We want to play an active role and make a positive impact in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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The Danish FSA

The latest statements, decisions and supervisory reactions from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
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