Danske Bank's response to coronavirus (Covid-19)

The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on society is a concern for Danske Bank as well as for our customers. If you are interested in the financial markets and economics, a large amount of Danske Research' articles are freely available.

We are applying appropriate measures to respond to the development - we have e.g.

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Postponement of annual general meeting

Danske Bank A/S has postponed the annual general meeting called for, 17 March 2020. The decision has been made upon recommendation from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Danske Bank is advancing payments to suppliers

"As a bank, we know that many businesses currently need all the liquidity they can get. So we want to support our suppliers by paying them at the earliest possible moment", says Jacob Aarup-Andersen, Member of the Executive Leadership Team and Head of banking activities in Denmark.
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Coronavirus is extra tough on entrepreneurs

The global Corona pandemic threatens a large number of Nordic start-ups and entrepreneurs and their very existence. A new survey from Danske Bank shows exactly how the start-up environment feels exposed.
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Nordic Outlook: Nordics not the worst place to be in a corona crisis

Nordic Outlook is our quarterly publication on the economic outlook for the Nordic countries. It is clear that the crisis is deep and that there has been an unprecedented drop in economic activity. It is very unclear exactly how deep and what will happen once the health crisis is over, but what will the most likely outcome be?
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Danske Bank employees can volunteer in the fight against corona

"At Danske Bank, we want to help by offering employees with a relevant background to use their hands and knowledge in the health care, while it is under heavy pressure", says Karsten Breum Head of HR, Danske Bank.
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Danske Bank offers extended help and flexibility to customers affected by coronavirus

As a result of the extraordinary situation regarding the spreading of COVID-19, Danske Bank will in the coming period expand its support and advisory services to private individuals and businesses who suffer financial consequences.
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Danske Bank helps investment bank support European economies during the corona crisis

Danske Bank acted Joint Bookrunner when the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) issued a EUR 1 billion Response Bond, financing projects that aim to alleviate the impacts of the pandemic in NIB’s member countries. For example, the NIB Response Bond will be used to finance increased capacity in healthcare services. 
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The US central bank is taking even more aggressive actions to avoid a long recession

The US Federal Reserve continues to fight a protracted economic recession. Senior analyst at Danske Bank, Mikael Milhøj comments on the development.
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Biggest economic shock since the Second World War

The current economic downturn is worse than the worst months of the financial crisis, and globally we are witnessing an economic shock last seen during the Second World War. But it is possible that the pain will be short-lived.
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Fraudsters are taking advantage of the fear of COVID-19

Companies in Denmark have sent home most of their employees to work from distance where the security is typically not as strong as when working from the office location. Unfortunately, the fraudsters are aware of this too and at the same time they try to take advantage of the current COVID-19 situation. In Danske Bank we have already seen the first few smishing-attempts towards our customers.
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Shift equity focus from tomorrow to a year from now

COLUMN: Having the right equities and the right share of equities is important in times like these, says investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen.
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